Book Check Out:
Parents are welcome to check out up to 10 books during an 8-day cycle. We LOVE having parents check out books to read to their kids at home (or here in the Hub)!

E-mail and Computer Access for Parents:
We understand that technological connections are essential for all families, especially those that are new to ISB and Bangkok. Our IT Director has implemented a wireless laptop zone dedicated to parent use in the Cafeteria and Main Library. Please bring your laptop to the EdTech Office for access. Computers are also available for parent use in the Main Library. We are asking that the computers in the ES Learning Hub be used by students and teachers only.

Parent Tech Coffee Mornings:
On the first Wednesday of every month we will host an informal coffee morning for parents to share new and exciting developments in the world of technology that we will implement here at school. Recaps of each session will be posted here on the Connect 2.0 blog and in the Panther Paws. Our first session will be Wednesday, September 3 at 7:30 am in the Project Zone. All are welcome to stop by and join the discussion!

Hub Expectations:
When parents are here in the Hub before, during, or after the school day, we ask that you please act as good role models for our students (as we all know, children look to the older students and adults in the space to see what behavior is appropriate). We ask that if you are using the Learning Hub, please spend your time reading a good book (preferably reading to your children just like Elaine Lyons and her daughter, Teresa, below).

external image reading.jpg

Please note that we will be asking all visitors who are not following Learning Hub expectations to wait outside the Hub on the benches in front of the ES Office.

We truly appreciate your support and your modeling of appropriate behavior.