The Learning Hub After School

As written in the ES Parent/Student Handbook:

At the end of the school day, students are expected to leave campus unless they have written permission to be involved in a specific supervised activity, or are supervised by a parent/guardian and have a pre-arranged plan for transportation home.

If your child will be staying after school, we ask that you assist us by reviewing the following expectations:

  1. All students must be in a supervised location after school. This may include our school-sponsored After School activities, the Learning Hub, or other special activities where there is adult supervision. Your child should understand that s/he is not free to hang out in the Learning Hub, roam the campus or go to the sports fields, gymnasiums or playgrounds without direct adult supervision.
  2. Students are welcome to make use of the Learning Hub after school for the purposes of reading books or magazines, accessing the computers and doing class assignments.

Learning Hub Student Passes

All students will need a Hub Pass to enter the Learning Hub at recess to ensure that both behavior and noise level remain appropriate for a learning space. With so many classes using the Hub, it is important that we treat this space as a classroom space.

Each classroom will receive 2 passes to be distributed by the teacher to students who will read calmly and quietly in the Hub. These passes can be used any time during the day. Each pass has the classroom teacher’s name on the front and the Hub expectations on the back. Each grade level is a different color. If students with a pass are disruptive they will be sent back to class and an e-mail will be sent to the teacher to let them know.

Student ID Cards

All ES students will be issued an ID card to use in the Learning Hub for easy checkout of books. All students should wear their ID cards in the Hub if they can not remember their library number.

If you a pass is lost, students will need to purchase a new one:
  1. Bring THB100 (the replacement cost) to Khun Tina or Khun Ann (ES secretary).
  2. The secretary issues a paper, handwritten receipt.
  3. The student or IA takes the receipt to Khun Ae who issues a new card.

E-mail and Computer Access for Parents:

We understand that technological connections are essential for all families, especially those that are new to ISB and Bangkok. Stephen Lehmann, our IT Director, has implemented a wireless laptop zone dedicated to parent use in the Cafeteria and Main Library. Please bring your laptop to the EdTech Office for access. Computers are also available for parent use in the Main Library. We are asking that the computers in the ES Learning Hub be used by students and teachers only.